Cory Robinson

Welcome to my nook! What you will find below is my Résumé.

I am a strong technical and analytical problem solver with an automation-first mindset, a focus on modernization, reducing waste and technical debt, and working towards operational excellence. I use the best tool for the job which oftentimes is simply writing code, but sometimes may require some other type of niche or low-code/no-code tools. I like getting my hands dirty, digging in, and solving problems. I also enjoy mentoring junior engineers and developers. I am always happy to share what I have learned to help others level-up!


MS Applied Mathematics -- Jun 2014

University of Washington

BS Economics -- Dec 2009

Texas A&M University


AWS Solutions Architect Associate

AWS Developer Associate

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Alteryx Designer Core

Boomi Developer

Splunk Fundamentals


AWS | Cloud Computing | Serverless

Python | Go | SQL | R | Googling

Docker | Kubernetes | Linux | ChatGPTing

git | GitLab CI/CD Pipelines

Alteryx | Boomi | ServiceNow | Jira

Splunk | Prometheus | Grafana

Ansible | Cyberark | Okta | Azure AD

Lead Software Developer / Data Engineering
@Vistra Corp

Current Role Since Oct 2021

Engineered software solutions to support decision analytics for teams of data scientists and commodity traders, resulting in improved insights and decision-making for multi-million dollar hedging and power trading strategies across various competitive electricity markets in the U.S.
Build and maintain systems of automated data pipelines for collecting and storing terabyte scale data used for analysis in power and energy trading

Lead the implementation and maintenance of an enterprise-wide end-to-end data science platform with a mix of build vs. buy solutions that incorporate tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Python, DBT, SnowFlake, Airflow, various AWS services, git, MLOps and CI/CD pipelines
Develop API integrations with vendor applications with a focus on self-service, streamlined user experience, and ease of access for analysts and stakeholders

IT Automation Engineer
@Vistra Corp

Sept 2018 - Sept 2021

Architect & build solutions for automating tasks across different domains (Network, Security, Cloud, Finance, Compliance) which bring out more value in our employees and in the tools & applications they use on a daily basis
Administer a workload automation app running a mission critical workload of 25,000 jobs per day across multiple organizations; cleaned up tech debt and brought us from several critical incidents per year to zero within past 12 months
Stood up an application health monitoring platform using opensource tools Prometheus & Grafana; wrote custom metric collectors in Python and Go for synthetic monitoring of web apps, and to collect metrics from legacy apps like SAP
Oversight of Cloud Infrastructure costs within my organization and implemented strategies to reduce our costs by 35% within the last 12 months

Founder & RPA Developer
@Matos Solutions

Oct 2017 - Sept 2018

Entreprenurial venture born out of passion for automating business processes at a previous job which increased productivity and cut costs on a multi-million dollar project
Some general use cases include automating data ETL and analysis, automating UI actions and backend processes in both web based and non-web based business processes
Client facing communication to present services, identify business processes that can be automated, and deliver solutions with documentation

Processing Geophysicist
@SEIMAX Technologies

Nov 2014 - Aug 2017

Processing seismic data and building sub-surface images of the Earth was my primary job
Full lifecycle processing of seismic data for oil & gas exploration -- from receiving raw data, tracking data quality issues, statistical, image, & signal processing of seismic data, to final product delivery
There were inefficiencies in the day-to-day data processing and armed with a knowledge of programming, a thirst for more knowledge, and a midset for automating standard operations, I set out to change this...
I led a project to develop an internal data pipeline app giving our data processors control over automating workflow tasks and provide useful QC and visualization tools